We provide Applied Behavior Analysis therapy and behavior consultation to Ozak, Opp and the surrounding areas.

Beacon of Hope is located in downtown Ozark at 181 W Reynolds St. Our Opp location is located 115 W Covington Avenue.  Both of our locations are conveniently within walking distance that allows community outings and a chance to teach social skills within the clinic and generalize in the community. Our clinic has space for one-on-one therapy, peer interaction, gross motor skills, and daily living tasks. We also provide home-based therapy based on individual needs and RBT availability. Beacon of Hope is proud to work with surrounding school districts and community institutions to support staff members, develop interventions for students, and broaden the use of ABA techniques.



Be the Reinforcement

At our centers, we target behaviors that are impeding the individual's quality of life. We work to fill in skill deficits so that the individual can successfully participate in the community. Our ultimate goal is to graduate individuals from ABA after they have met their behavior goals, generalization has occurred and the families feel supported through the training they received.

Beacon of Hope ABA is also a teaching clinic for those wanting to learn how to implement ABA. Staff and parent training occur regularly to ensure that consistency and generalization is achieved. 

The Diversity of our clinic space allows for a variety of behaviors and skills to be targeted. Clients can expect one-on-one therapy as well as peer interactions and social groups when appropriate. 


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