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We offer applied behavior analysis services in a variety of settings.

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A realistic summer camp experience for individuals with Autism

We implement the client's behavior plans in a summer camp setting with a focus on communication, community skills, and social skills. Complete with theme weeks we work on peer relationships, attending skills, and new experiences. ABA is applied in close proximity to same age/ similar developmental level peers while having the learning experience that comes from one-on-one therapy.



Abeka Curriculum and ABA in one place

For ages 18months-5years old we use the Abeka preschool curriculum with some modifications so that all students can participate. The curriculum allows us to work on school readiness skills while also preserving a large element of play while learning. Students are also working with their one-on-one RBT at all times to achieve behavior reduction and skills acquisition.

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Targeted skill acquisition and community interaction programs

We have social skills groups for ages 5-12 and 13-18. In these groups which meet multiple times weekly, clients learn independent living skills such as cooking, cleaning, and community interaction. The clients also work on social skills using the PEERS social skills curriculum. Several of our Teens are also offered the opportunity to build job skills by working our school break camps. These groups focus on independence and ensuring that clients are able to live as independently as possible.

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