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Meet the Team: Meet the Team


M.A., BCBA, LBA, Owner

Shelby DiPilla earned her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of West Florida in 2012 and a Master's Degree from the University of West Florida in Exceptional Student Education and Applied Behavior Analysis in 2014. Shelby obtained her BCBA in 2018. Shelby has experience working with clients ages 2-21 and has worked with clients with many co-morbid diagnoses along with Autism. Shelby is passionate about providing community support for those diagnosed with Autism as well as providing ABA services. In addition to owning and operating Beacon of Hope Shelby runs the Enterprise Autism group as a network leader for the Autism Society of Alabama and volunteers as an Autism Speaks Advocacy Ambassador.


Be the Reinforcement





Aubrey Corey, RBT

Jennifer Crossley, RBT

Kayla Norman, RBT, Student Analyst

Kim Grissett, RBT, Student Analyst

Hannah Spooner, RBT

Jennifer Boyd, RBT

Hannah Holloway, RBT

Jennifer Lopez, RBT

Tina Huff, RBT

Carmen Hall, RBT, Student Analyst

Oliva Rorie, RBT

Sam McCart, RBT

Taylor Thames, RBT, Student Analyst

Elizabeth Taylor, RBT

Haleigh Knoblock, RBT

Kayla Craig, RBT

Samantha Rolling, RBT

Shelby McCart, RBT

Katie Blount, RBT

Joy Weaver, RBT, Student Analyst 

Alexis Campbell, RBT

Jarrett Neilson, RBT

Sandra Hayes, RBT

Lakesha Leonard, RBT

Meet the Team: Our Services
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About our team

We pride ourselves on having a diverse team to provide services to our clients. We believe that it is important to have diversity within our team as everyone brings something different to the table. Several of our technicians are pursuing additional education and credentials.  We consider ourselves a teaching center and train all levels of ABA students. We offer supervision for those seeking additional credentialing from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). At Beacon of Hope we recognize that without strong RBTs and teamwork we are not effective. Beacon of Hope provides regular continuing  education to all staff members as well as team building so that we can be the strongest unit possible for clients. Beacon of Hope staff have competitive salaries, PTO, medical benefits, and paid holidays. Our student analysts also receive tuition assistance and company paid conference registration. BCaBAs and BCBAs receive CEU assistance, flexible scheduling, and multiple programs to assist with interventions. 

Meet the Team: Welcome
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